I love Smash TV, it’s probably my favorite game ever produced by American arcade game developer, Williams. That and Sinistar.

Smash TV was a fun and hilariously violent satire on American television. Pretty much Williams took the life risking game show aspect of The Running Man and went crazy with it. You (and a friend if you have one) are contestants on the game show Smash TV, where you go from room to room killing everything in your way collecting money and prizes (as well as power-ups). Prizes include such amazing things as toasters, VCRs, televisions, cars, vacations, and even a year’s supply of GOOD MEAT. Adding to the chaos are level bosses and the insane announcer who jabbers random lines stolen from Robocop like “I’ll buy that for a dollar!” and “Big money, big prizes, IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII love it!”

It’s an awesome game, and if you somehow haven’t played it, I’d highly recommend spending the measly 400 Microsoft Points to get it on XBLive. If that’s not enough, I’ll let ScrewAttack’s Stuttering Craig seal the deal.

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