What’s this, you ask? It’s another ice-cream pop review! This time it’s a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ice-cream pop! Why? Because I like TMNT and ice-cream pops! They go together like peas and rutabagas … or whatever the hell Forrest Gump said. To the point, the ice-cream man came by again, he had TMNT cream pops, and I got me a Raphael. Because he’s my favorite turtle… and I didn’t have a choice.

The first weird thing I noticed about this ice-cream pop is it’s smiling. It’s supposed to be Raphael… at least I assume so because of the red mask, AND before someone who thinks they’re smarter than me brings it up, YES, I know they all have red masks in the original comics. Well, Mr. Smartypants, look at the packaging and you’ll see this product is PURELY based on the cartoon, the modern 2K cartoon I might add (which I really liked… possibly more than the 80s one). So Raphael smiling makes no sense, seeing as Raph rarely smiles in the 2K toon… and when he does smile… it looks rather menacing instead of a super happy smile like this cream pop demonstrates. This is why I’ve come to the conclusion that I was given a cream pop based on the 80s cartoon version of Raphael by mistake. Blue Bunny must’ve gotten it mixed up with ones from the 2K cartoon by mistake. An honest mistake.

The other weird factor is it’s cherry flavored. I guess that makes a little sense, I guess, considering Raph’s mask is red and all. But I can’t help but feel he should taste like lime seeing as a majority of him is green. Actually it would’ve been nice if they managed to make him taste like both lime and cherry. I can’t see any reason why this couldn’t have been done, especially since they had the Sonic ice-cream pop have two flavors so why not Raph? Is he not good enough for two flavors? That said, like the Sonic one, Raph tastes awesome. Very creamy, great cherry flavor, and very awesome overall (though I’m still not found of the gumball eyes). He also looks hysterically funny and borderline creepy when you’re eating him thanks to that crazy happy smile. Next time the ice-cream man comes by, I’m TOTALLY getting a Batman one.