For those who don’t know anything about Dora the Explorer (and you are probably better off for it), threre’s a character named Swiper who is kinda’ the villain of the show. He’s a fox that swipes things, clever, I know. To stop him from swiping things you tell him “Swiper! No swiping!” and he’ll snap his fingers, say “Aw, man!” and walk away.

Man, don’t you wish life was really like that? I mean, life would be a lot easier if you could just tell people to stop something and they would. In fact, it would be awesome.

But that’s not all this comic is about, this comic is also reference to this. Seems Dora is getting a make over, and people are up and arms saying she looks too sexy or some stupid shit. First of all, she doesn’t look sexy at all, she just looks like a normal tween. GASP! I can kinda’ understand people being annoyed that she doesn’t look as tomboyish as she used to, but frankly I don’t think that’s anything to worry about either. Unless they make it into Dora the Mall Explorer, then you can get annoyed.

I’m more concerned about the sexiness thing, are you telling me someone out there is wanting to do tween Dora? Because that’s far more disturbing if you ask me. Seriously are all the parents and reporters upset about this aroused by tween Dora? The sickos! There’s nothing sexy there. Damn, our world creeps me out sometimes.

Why the hell am I even talking about Dora the Explorer to begin with?!

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