I tend to make taking out the trash a game by throwing the trash bags onto the curb for curbside pickup, and seeing just how far I can throw them and still make the curb. The difference between me and June is I’m on the first floor. ;)

However this comic has inspired some memories from Chris, so here’s some additional commentary from him.

Back when I what was a bachelor, I had my very first apartment and I was extremely happy to be living on my own. My action figures all over the place set up in little scenes, anime and game posters all over the wall, all my plants inside and outside on the patio. Oh, and the college girls that lived in the complex, whom I never would have met had it not been for my friend Mario being so friendly with all the tenants. The only drawback, I had a neighbor above me. Big, swole, buzz cut, country ass weight lifter. I learned that living on the bottom floor SUCKED MARMOSET NUTS!!! This guy, I swear to GOD, used to just drop his weights on the floor at all hours of the night when I was trying to sleep. I’m talking like 2 and 3 am. But the thing that sucked the most, I swear he though that my patio was a dumpster. He’d drop garbage bags, beer bottles, beer cans, whiskey bottles, magazines, brooms, dust pans…I swear, some of the household cleaning supplies I own now are a result of that jackass tossing shit down like it was nothing. At first, I just thought he was racist, but then I realized how he treated his bleach blonde bimbo bitch of a girlfriend and I realized, he’s just an idiot. I feel Pembroke’s pain right now, even though he was probably just passing by. Oh, I know the pain all too well.