This strip actually was based on a random conversation I had in a sleep deprived state. I was talking with my GF, Devan, and our friend, Leslie, about how the worlld has made healthy substitutions for butter, eggs, sugar, and various other things, why doesn’t the science world take on things that can actually kill us. Like alcohol, cigarettes, and heroin. The topic was pretty amusing and gave me the idea for this strip.

Originally when we discussed this idea, it was going to be called “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Heroin”. But once I wasn’t sleep deprived I started to question that name and came up with alternative “Diet Heroin”, and my roommate, Mutt, suggested “Heroin Light”. I discussed this idea a bit with my GF, hpkomic, and Green Wiggly, but finally I decided on “Diet Heroin” because it fit in the word balloons way better than the alternatives. The first one would’ve taken way too much useful dialog space.