A David Willis appears!

Today’s the due date for Femmegasm guest comics, peeps. As of the moment, I only have one, so I could definitely use a few more. Please send them to pembrokewkorgi@gmail.com

Oh, and before I begin my WTF are you wearing, Makoto rant, I would like to give some props to Green Wiggly, who actually came up with Shelly’s line in panel 2.

Now, let’s get to the subject of today’s comic, Blazblue’s Makoto…

From cute to skank in just one sequel

Well, first let’s talk about Makoto. If you play Noelle’s story mode in Blazblue, then you’ll meet up with Makoto as she appears on the left. She is one of Noelle’s classmates and serves little purpose outside showing us what Noelle’s school life is like and the friends she had. Makoto wears a rather anime styled school uniform, seems to like little boys a lot, REALLY likes making that hand guesture, and is some weird random squirrel girl. Why is she a squirrel girl? Don’t know, never got explained, and I don’t expect it to. Anyways, her squirrel qualities and overall cute design did make her rather memorable.

Now flash to the present with the soon to be released (in Japan) Blazblue sequel, Blazblue: Continuum Shift, where it’s been announced that Makoto will be a playable character available via DLC. When I first heard about this I was kinda, “Hey, Makoto! I remember her!” and mild intrigue. This got followed with DISAPPOINT!

I mean, I already have issues with having to pay for additonal characters in a fighting game, but worst of all LOOK AT THE OUTFIT SHE’S WEARING IN THE GAME (the one on the right), it’s absolutely dreadful. I’ve seen Dead Or Alive characters wear more than that. Not just that, but the whole outfit is poorly designed, looks ridiculously terrible, and the designers should be ashamed of themselves. I mean, not only does she look like she’s missing 2/3s of her outfit, she seems to be wearing more clothing on her legs and feet than the rest of her entire body. It just looks plain terrible, like she got dressed by Tifa Lockhearts slutty retarded aunt or something. Not to mention that little clothing can’t be helpful in battle. What? You say they’re doing it for fanservice reasons? Let’s talk about fanservice, shall we?

Okay, fighting games have had fanservice practically from the start, so why is this design still bad? Because even with fanservice ampted up to it’s highest with games like King of Fighters, Dead or Alive, and Soul Calibur, the designs still manage to make the well designed outfits that are striking, stylish, and memorable, no matter how much bouncy cleavage Mai Shiranui wants to show you or however little clothing Tina Armstrong wants to wear. The outfits still manage to look good and at least not completely retarded. Makoto’s outfit doesn’t have any of this, it just looks bad, half assed, and embarrassing. There’s nothing redeeming to it, it even makes Wonder Woman’s new costume look good (though WW’s outfit could probably use more fanservice).

Lastly, let’s talk about the pose in this picture. When you pose someone, you tend to want to focus on their strong points ESPECIALLY if you are going for fanservice. For example, looking at this picture, Makoto’s strong points are either going to be her breasts or her legs, but they didn’t focus on either, they focussed on her ass, which is by far her weakest point. Why? Because she doesn’t have much of an ass, it’s flat, flatter than flat, it’s nonesistent, her lack of ass and hips almost makes it look like she doesn’t have either an her upper torso just kinda’ goes into her legs without a middle section, it’s not a good place to focus at all. At least put a little junk in her trunk before you do that. And yes, you can focus on her her breasts and still make a tasteful looking picture.

So yeah, it’s a horrible design, big deal, right? Right. I’m just disappointed because all the previous characters in Blazblue have had such amazing designs, that it just depresses me to see such a horrendous designed given the okay for this game. I guess they all can’t be gold.

Tuesday will get the first guest comic and an update to the fanart section. I can’t wait! Can you?