Welcome everyone to the 200th installment of Femmegasm (or at least the 200th strip drawn by me), I had a speech prepared, but Blue Grimlock ate it. I bought myself this gold watch in honor of this moment. I had a little thing engraved on it. To Robbie, from Robbie with love. *sniff* How thoughtful of me (if you got that reference I will give you some mad props).

*throws watch out the window*

So let’s talk about this comic, Cookie Jar TV is a block of animated childrens programming on CBS and it’s all generally pretty awful (I guess Sabrina The Animated Series is okay… but not for the reason Pembroke likes it). Noonberry And The Super Seven is getting the brunt of my negatively, because it’s a pretty damn stupid show. Sure the cartoons on this block are meant for kids… little kids… reeeeeeeeeeeally little kids. So I’m obviously not the target audience. Regardless I don’t think that excuses it for being boring and stupid as I can actually enjoy young kids shows like The Mr. Men Show and Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, because they are actually *gasp* entertainingly written despite their target audience. On the bright side, at least the programming is better than most the stuff on Qubo… not that that’s a major accomplishment.

Also Cookie Jar TV has an oddly catchy theme song…