It was a picture I drew of Pembroke drawn as a dragon similar to Spike from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Of course this was inspired by Agi drawing Pembroke as a pony.
Before going off to stop Dr. Robotnik from shoving My Little Ponies into random giant robots, Chris drew me this awesome picture of Pembroke. Let’s hope Dr. Robotnik doesn’t try to shove him into a robot anytime soon.
Fizzy showing affection to her one true love.
Fizzy standing tall and showing off her… *ahem* confidence.
Fizzy Mcbeer during a rather indepth interview. I think the person HAD to of asked her to repeat the question about ten times by now…
Bad ass Femmegasm colorist, Chris Jones, drew this awesome picture for the ill fated Femmegasm animated series. Everything was going great till one of the fans pointed out that Shelly had gained a thumb and June had lost a finger. Violence broke out among all the axolotls in the audience and the nightmares still haunt me to this night. This rambling bullshit story does not distract from the fact that Chris’s artwork in this picture totally KICKS F’N ASS!!!
My lovely wife, Devan, sculpted this awesome little shelly outta’ clay at The Dallas Webcomic Expo. It was so awesome that I think it got more attention than anything else at my table. Now if only molding Shelly out of clay would allow her to come to life… like Wonder Woman.
Chris Jones and I FINALLY got to meet in person for the first time at Oni-Con this year. To celebrate he drew me this picture of Shelly. In return I drew him this. Fortunately for me, he took it in good humor. ;)
In honor of our team up, Femmegasm colorist, Chris Jones, drew this awesome picture of Shelly meeting his character, CALViN! What could possibly go wrong?!
June takes some time to enjoy Transformers Animated Bulkhead’s alt mode. CHARGE!
Seems Shelly has a soft spot for gentle giants, especially ones named Bulkhead.
It looks like Shelly is ready for a convention… or Halloween. Too bad she doesn’t know who she’s actually dressed as.
Much like the Shelly picture above, June is also dressed as some sort of cartoon character. Also like Shelly, June has no idea who she’s dressed as either (though she thinks otherwise).
Before landing a role in Femmegasm, June July had to try some other options.
June and my Transformers Animated Grimlock toy got into a fight.
A model sheet I drew of June July so I could keep her design straight.
A little coloring experiment I did with June. I’ve decided not to go this way, because it looks a bit too dark. Still figured I’d show you guys the picture.
Another coloring experiment. I really like how this one came out.
Shelly learns that my Transformers Animated Grimlock toy plays too rough.
A model sheet I drew of Shelly so that I could keep her design consistent.
Looks like Shelly had a run-in with my Transformers Animated Toy of Ratchet. Don’t worry, folks. She’ll grow a new hand.
Shelly is dressed in a school uniform and already to go… maybe.

Fan Art

Agi is trying to get all up in Pembroke’s base! OH NOES!!!
The less here is to never trust Agi! Agi also seems to be in a pain in the ass. Ha ha ha. See what I did there!
Allen Hopper originally drew this comic for the Femmegasm guest month, unfortunately I didn’t post it because it was hard to read. However I didn’t want Allen’s work to go to waste, so here you go. Enjoy, it’s a rarity.
Tellyweb drew Shelly and June bellydancing… WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?!
Overwing drew this comic showing how June REALLY feels about a certain blue hedgehog.
Overwing drew this comic showing us an alternate ending for the old vore comic
Chancaca drew this awesome picture of June with the most expensive napkins and pens imaginable. YOU CAN’T IMAGINE THE EXPENSE! Chancaca spared no expense!
Chancaca drew this awesomely stylish and well posed Shelly. In fact she’s so stylish she grew an opposable thumbs. What an awesome day to be a Shelly.
MDetector5 drew this victorious picture of Fizzy McBeer. The network must’ve decided to air her new show. It’s a camera pointed at her breast for thirty minutes. Look for it this summer.
I think Pembroke REALLY needs to stop drinking. So does Jim K.
Like me, Agi has also discovered the joys that is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and thus drew Pembroke as a pony. Humorously, this inspired a return picture from me.
Agi did this awesome Lord of the Rings parody a few weeks back, but I’m just now getting around to posting it. Because… you know… I’m lazy… and ponies.
Agi wasn’t kidding about doing weekly fanart, and I bet June isn’t kidding either.
Agi has decided to make a personal challenge to herself and send me fanart on weekly basis. Something I have absolutely no complaints on, because I love attention. ;) However she decided to start her first week with not just one fanart, BUT THREE! SNAP-A-DOODLE DOO!
Agi drew this awesome little comic that has the Femmegasm cast discussing their new Agi-fied outfits. I don’t know what Pembroke is upset about, he looks like an awesome cross between Gene Simmons and Michael Jackson. Hmmm… maybe I answered my own question there.
Agi‘s final pic gives you everything you want in fanart. Self reference, sad June (maybe in the snow), and a Pac-Man reference. The last of which is ALWAYS a winner for me.
Rage28 did this raging good picture of Shelly. Huh? Huh? See what I did there?
My good friend Aphex drew me this AWESOME picture as a get well present while I had Bronchitis. Seemly June and Shelly have their own form of Black Friday shopping. Poor Pembroke, he just wanted a lamp for his box.
Here’s an awesomely adorable Shelly drawn by Deviantart’s very own Purity.
Green Wiggly drew a rather sultry Fizzy McBeer in this picture.
This is actually a scan of a colored artist card of Pembroke Zorilita drew for me. She even gave me the orignal artwork for this, which I have next to my computer screen. She also made one of my Jazzy character, which I’d post here, but she’s not a Femmegasm character. ;) Despite what Mr. O. M. A. might think.
This picture was Remi Perron’s response to June’s new haircut. In short, he’s not a fan. Oh well, can’t please everyone.
Remi Perron’s took one of the pages from the Femmegasm Coloring/Activity Book and went F’N crazy with it! Check it out!
Uh oh! EdwinShy took it upon himself to draw Fizzy in the buff! What could this mean!
Sonicjay1 drew this ultra adorable picture of Shelly doing what she does best, be absolutely adorable.
Alan Solivan (aka Mr. O.M.A. on the comments) drew this awesome pinup picture with the entire Femmegas cast + Jazzy. Seems even Jennifur is amazed by Fizzy’s cup size. I would too, that’s a lot of soda she’s drinking. Anyways, awesome picture, OMA!
Agito drew this… *ahem* *sweat drop* sexy picture of Pembroke. He must be working out to get an ass like that. Stairmaster, baby!
– That crazy French-Canadian bastard, Remi Perron, drew me this awesome animation of Shelly. She’s pissed because someone put Tequila in her Margarita. The bastards!
– My daughter’s best friend, Niki, drew me this awesome picture of Shelly. Isn’t it awesome?
Drax made this awesome little sprite of Pembroke dressed as Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin, one of my favorite mangas. Isn’t it awesome?
Edwinshy drew this picture of June sporting a new look!
Not to be outdone by June, Edwinshy drew this picture of Shelly ACTUALLY WEARING CLOTHES!
Not allowing a woman as perfect as her to be outdone by a mere salamander and monkey, Edwinshy drew this picture of Fizzy McBeer sporting a new look!
My friend, Zorilita drew this nifty little Shelly sketch. She’s showing Pembroke her new jump kick attack!
DMSCV drew this rather adorable picture of Shelly and June… about to kiss… or maybe just hug… or thumb wrestle… despite Shelly’s lack of thumbs… WHO KNOWS?!
Louis Arko did this awesome picture showing that someone can create art with anything even guns.
Agito drew this most excellent picture of me… errr… Pembroke. Nice to know June and Shelly aren’t the only ones who can get fanart around here.
Green Wiggly drew me some Femmegasm fanart of Shelly and June having a friendly little hug. Awww… isn’t that cu… wait… where’s June’s hands?! Wigglyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! You got some ‘splainin’ to do!
DMSCV drew this awesome little picture of June and Shelly for everyone to enjoy. I think June is hiding something behind her back and Shelly is concerned about it. That mischievous monkey.
Farthingale drew this awesome piece of fanart! It’s 80s-delic! Gem… I mean Farthingale is outrageous, truly truly outrageous!
The very awesome Rage28 drew a few awesome and random doodles of June. Also includes a special guest appearance of Shelly.
The man, the myth, the artist, Poinko drew this awesome picture of Shelly and June. Seemly this picture takes place in the future as Shelly has evolved to the level of having opposable thumbs.
The very awesome David Davis drew this little picture of Shelly taking on Migglie from All Over Migglie. Too bad size does matter.
A very dear young girl named Aubrie (age 6 soon to be 7) drew this picture for me. Teen rating my ass!
Aubrie is very special to me, and to show that she feels highly about my work she drew this fanart as well. From my best knowledge Shelly is being stalked by Impy… during St. Patrick’s Day.
Aubrie’s final adorable doodle has Impy and Shelly being friends as Shelly spins a leek. I just hope looking at my art doesn’t warp the poor girl.
Shelly and June love to cosplay, and seemly Drew is well aware of this, as he caught them in One Piece outfits.
Seemly Shelly is objecting to something, not sure what, but I know it’s not this awesome piece of fanart from Drew.
Axelgnt put together some awesome figures of our favorite salamander and monkey duo. He made them out of clay all Wonder Woman style! If that’s not awesome, I don’t what is. Thanks, Axelgnt, you rule!
Here’s a solo picture of Axelgnt‘s awesome June July figure. Thumbs up, soldier!
Axelgnt also provided us a picture of his Shelly model without her favorite simian gal pal, just so we can get a good look at her by herself. SHE IS AWESOME!
That crazy aussie Dave Flodine has revealed the new power-up Shelly has gotten via a recent strip! Nice!
Michael Henderson put together this awesomely cute picture of June. Isn’t she so huggable. Well, as long as she doesn’t eat your spleen that is.
Prinny Overlord has gone and revealed to the public Shelly and June’s powerful transformation… MECHA SHIVA!!! Either that or they’ve been watching too much Venture Bros. Awesome work, Prins!
Greenfinger provided me with this awesomely cute picture of June as fanart. She’s so adorable!
DMSCV drew this awesome picture of Shelly and June together. Aren’t they cute.
David Davis drew a cute little Shelly among several other little doodles hid did on this page. Isn’t she just adorable there.
David Davis drew me this awesome picture of Shelly and June in action poses. They are ready TO KICK YOUR ASS!!!
Bastet drew me this picture of Shelly. Judging from Shelly’s face I’m thinking the starfish just informed her that he slept with her mother.
Bastet drew me another picture of Shelly, this time depicting her as how she’d look in the upcoming Femmegasm liveaction movie.
A good pal of mine, Zeddy, drew this awesome little Femmegasm strip letting us in on a little of Shelly’s past. That monkey sure looks familiar…


Shelly made a random appearance on the webcomic, The Couch Kitties. I don’t know what this Fusion D thing they’re talking about is, but I definitely think Shelly is better than it.
– It’s looks like Pembroke is impatiently waiting to ask Santa for a copy of Muramasa. Man, I know Pembroke is short… but he’s not THAT short.
– The very awesome Carl Sjostrand is showing you why you too should rock the Shelly T-shirt. You know you want to.
Unknownst to me, Femmegasm seems to be all the rage in the young fox demographic. Though Alex may be a bit young to be reading this comic…
Looks like Robert Blake is selling a Shelly related cereal without my authorization. IT’S LAWSUIT TIME! GET ME PHOENIX WRIGHT ON THE PHONE! I DON’T CARE IF HE ISN’T REAL! I HIRE YOU TO DO, NOT TO QUESTION!
It looks like Poinko has decided to delve a bit into Shelly and June’s high school life. Either way, Shelly is damn proud of being a liar.
Looks like Shelly and June got a tad lost in futuristic space thanks to HPKomic! I hope they don’t stay lost for very long, I got a comic to do.